Carbon Negative Tech

It is estimated that each Google Search emits 7g of CO2, meaning two searches are the equivalent of boiling a kettle of water.

There are three aspects to tech that need to be considered when auditing carbon emissions.

  1. The software
  2. The ongoing hosting
  3. The development approach

Open Source Software

To minimise the hardware requirements of a project it is recommended to build your project on Open Source software which is widely recognised to be more efficient than other solutions.

Virtualized Linux based servers allow optimal performance to be delivered at higher server loads with more efficiency which means a. fewer servers and b. lower processer speeds for the same performance.

Using Open Source software means that many web projects can be run on fewer Linux servers without impacting performance.

Green Hosting

To mitigate the rarely discussed server farm emissions we use GreenGeeks for hosting which not only run on renewable power, they also purchase renewable energy certificates which means their solution is “carbon reducing”.

Green Agile Development

However, just as important as the technical running costs is the development phase. During the development phase, a lot of energy is required for travel, meetings and design. Agile software development processes mitigate this time by ensuring working software is delivered early in the process and it meets the requirements of the project immediately. This saves a lot of wasted time and energy.

In a study of 8000 software projects, DelaMatrix showed agile developers to be 25% more efficient and 50% faster to market.

We’ve developed a fresh approach to tech development that minimises waste at every stage of the process.

Starting with a hack day to prototype and refine specifications this means that the project delivered matches the requirements of the customer, coupled with our Green Agile development techniques, culminating with deployment on our carbon-negative infrastructure.

For more details of how to make your next tech project carbon-reducing get in touch below: