Carbon Footprinting

Want to make your business more sustainable, but don’t know where to start?

Start with a OnePointFive Carbon Footprint report using the UK Govt’s “Environmental Reporting Guidelines” as a blueprint to understand where you are today.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) allows us to upload your company’s financial information and covert it into carbon emissions for each scope and metric.

Environmental Management System

Once the EMS is populated you and your team can log in to see up to the minute data on your emissions by country, scope and metric.

Supplementary to providing the Environment Report our unique carbon footprinting process also delivers the following:

  • An environmental policy for your website
  • A full annual emissions report for your annual directors or strategic report
  • A bottom line carbon intensity calculation for your business, i.e. your carbon emissions per 100k revenue
  • Annual targets for emissions reductions
  • Recommendations on how to achieve your emissions reductions
  • Presentation to your staff of findings and plans for reduction

Depending on the size and complexity of your operations your report can usually be delivered within 2 weeks of project sign off.

Finally, we will convert the figures into a Green House Gas Protocol standard report for comparison with future years.


The work to produce the carbon emissions report depends on the size and complexity of your organisation therefore our costs are calculated based on your annual turnover.

As part of our solution, we can recommend and supply carbon offsetting approaches such as green technical solutions, tree planting and UN carbon credit purchases. This will ensure your current impact is mitigated while your business reduces it’s footprint going forwards.

Get in touch and start your carbon reduction journey today.

    OnePointFive has been set up to help businesses like yours calculate their environmental impact and take measures to reduce it. OnePointFive is already a carbon-reducing business.