Covid-19 Provides a Welcome Check and Reset of Our Compass

Covid-19 certainly put the brakes on our company launch! 

For the first few weeks of the lockdown here in the UK, most businesses were solely concerned with survival, making sense of the Government’s support packages, and trying to ensure staff could work from home effectively.

Now that we’ve established our routines and worked out our emergency short-term survival strategies business leaders are now starting to look up and ahead to the future and to make sense of their place in a post COVID world – whatever shape that takes.

The RSA has published a fascinating set of insights based on a YouGov Poll of over 4500 respondents in conjunction with the food industry. It reveals some fascinating insights into how the psyche of the British public has changed over the last few weeks. More importantly, it shows how their attitudes are likely to change once we start our recovery.

Amazingly the poll finds that a massive majority of 85% of respondents want to see personal or social changes that they have experienced continue in the future. Only 9% want everything to go back to how it was before the pandemic.

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Graph from the RSA report

According to the poll, and also anecdotally speaking to our contacts, people have enjoyed feeling fitter through more exercise, have been eating better by cooking from scratch, have felt an increase in the sense of community and have appreciated the cleaner air.

We think this means they’re going to be looking not only at businesses from a consumer point of view but also considering the type of organisation they work for, and ones that help support their vision for a better future.

You can read the story in full on the RSA website and download the full dataset here