Carbon Footprinting Your Business

It’s time to act on our carbon emissions today, and prepare our businesses for tomorrow’s zero-carbon world. The UK Govt has mandated zero carbon emissions by 2050 – and this date is increasingly likely to be brought forwards. They have created 152 pages of guidelines for Environmental Reporting which we’ve digested so you don’t have to! To date, listed companies are required to report on their environmental footprint (including Carbon Footprinting) as part of their annual filings.

Now is the time to voluntary report, measure and reduce your businesses environmental impact to reap the financial and reputational benefits today.

Find out the important information you need to measure and act on in our whitepaper.

OnePointFive has a simple process to calculating your business emissions, and then creating an action to plan to reduce it.

Download our white paper and find out how to measure your carbon footprint today.

The Benefits of Going Green

Carbon Footprinting One step ahead of Govt regulations

Carbon Footprinting One step ahead of your competition

In step with your employees

Cost saving and efficiency gains

Helping business move towards a low-carbon world.

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    We’re all aware that we have just 10 years to act to ensure the world’s climate doesn’t warm past 1.5° and send our planet past catastrophic tipping points.

    Don’t just take our word for it –

    “We thought that calculating our footprint would be a difficult and complicated task, but One Point Five Degrees made it a straightforward process. As well as the baseline numbers we now have a plan to reduce emissions in the future.  We’ve even identified areas for potential cost savings in our business.” – Andy Maher Small World Financial Services

    The signs of climate change are already with us with the terrible fires in Australia and the US, and extreme weather events becoming more frequent across the UK.

    Let’s make our businesses part of the solution and not the problem.

    OnePointFive has been set up to help businesses like yours calculate their environmental impact and take measures to reduce it. OnePointFive is already a carbon-reducing business, read about how we do it here.